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"Yoga makes the body the vehicle of the soul." 

Acharya Ratheesh Mani was born and raised in Kerala, India. Yogic and Vedic principles were part of the culture and fabric of his life growing up. He initially learned about the traditions and remedies from members of his family. Ratheesh’s curiosity about the massive mystic mountains of northern India and stories about the yogis awoke his own hunger for knowledge. Inspired by seekers looking for their true self, Ratheesh left for the Himalayas where he studied Vedic philosophy and yoga.


The years in the Himalayas were full of concentrated learning and practice. This intense Sadhana practice planted the seeds that grew into a deep desire to teach and share yoga, meditation and Ayurveda, the Indian herbal medicine system.


Since then, Ratheesh has been traveling the world and sharing the art and science of Yoga and Ayurveda according to the ancient traditions described in the Vedas. He has taught more than 11,000 yoga classes, 25 teacher trainings and hundreds of workshops throughout the world. He also trains Ayur-Yoga therapists to return health and harmony to individuals through a variety of ancient treatments.


Ratheesh is the founder of the company RKM Acharya Co., a company devoted to passing on this ancient knowledge in its purest form, directly from teacher to student. Ratheesh is also the co-founder of YogaMakes, an online yoga education platform, and YogaMakes a Difference, a community yoga education program that offers yoga and yoga teacher training to every person regardless of social or economic status.

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